Can a cancer dating another cancer

Now scientists have discovered fiber boosts survival rates of those already diagnosed – even if their diet was poor before.

Compared to people with a low fiber intake, each additional five grams of roughage in the diet was linked with a 22 percent lower risk of being diagnosed with and dying from bowel cancer.

Cereals and a high fiber diet can officially help prevent and beat bowel cancer, according to new research.

It is well known that eating plenty of roughage through foods like pulses, veg and fruit reduce your risk of the disease.

Each additional 5 grams a day of cereal fiber was linked to 33 percent lower odds of death from colorectal cancer and 22 percent lower odds of mortality from all causes, the study found.

Vegetable fiber wasn’t linked to a meaningful reduction in deaths from colon cancer, but each extra 5 grams a day was associated with 17 percent lower chances of death from all causes.

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Patients with an advanced form of the disease have a five-year-survival of only 11 percent.

Dr Chan and colleagues examined data on 1,575 adults diagnosed with colon cancer.

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