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have been asked frequently for questions a prospective pastor can ask a church.There are lots of resources for churches who are interviewing their next pastor, but I personally believe the pastor needs to equally interview the church.If you have a particular need to have this information withheld, please contact Church Staffing Services for assistance.

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What role does personal evangelism play in your life? What steps do you follow to lead someone to Christ? Describe the role of accountability for a pastor and how that has been a part of your life. How are you strengthening and growing your relationship with the Lord? It will likely be necessary for you to print out various resumes for use by the search committee seeking to fill a position.However, this information should not be shared with the church in general or with others outside your search committee and certainly not with others outside your church.As for questions, in my experience the process of hiring (or calling) a pastor is long, so there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions. And, I believe God often gives tremendous latitude in where we serve.He has lots of places where we can live out our calling.

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