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I get the Berkshire Silky control Top for my Minnesota winter. The only reason I purchased this product was that you were not carrying the Ultra Sheer Sandalfoot Control Top.

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After a brief interview (where I was asked, of all things, my shoe size), I was invited to attend to a weeklong Hooters boot camp.

The Berkshire/Mayer pantyhose are a mainstay in my wardrobe.

They fit and last the best of any brand I have tried.

A week before the first Hooters restaurant opened in Tokyo late in October, five Japanese staff-in-training huddled in the bathroom to talk padding.

They debated the merits of gel inserts, classic cushioned cups, and a range of inflatable bust-boosting doodads sold at Don Quijote, a Japanese chain that is sort of a mix of fetish shop and your local grocery store.

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